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  • Update Firmware Ubiquiti AirMax, AirOS V และ M Series (มีอะไรใหม่ๆบ้าง)
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AirOS V5.2-'a8 ล่าสุด วันที่ 07-05-2010 Changelog:


- Fix: Speed test + AirMax PtP No Ack combination crashes AP
- Fix: Traffic Shaping is not functional except Soho Router mode
- Fix: Traffic Shaping Burst is for functional
- Fix: WPA security : Sometimes station is disassociated from AP
- Fix: Broadcast traffic is duplicated on AP-WDS
- Fix: NAT protocols state changes when changing security
- Fix: SNMP wrong OID type- Fix: Disallow port range as destination (to private subnet)
- Fix: Station can not connect to AP (MAC Locked) if it was connected to another AP with the same SSID
- Fix: Airmax PTMP ping loss issue after 'a6
- Fix: AirMax: PTPNack AMQ/AMC fluctuation
- Fix: TX Power improvement for NanoBridge M5, AirGridM5, LocoM5, Bullet M2, Rocket M2, NanoStationM2, NanoBridge M2)
- Fix: AirMax: PTP and PTMP enhancements (latency)

- GUI: Problems with WPA PSK paraphrase: old value is displayed, new value is not saved
- GUI: Sometime Device name in not reported in Stations list
- GUI: Do not show clients as connected when authentication key is not valid
- GUI: Test mode. Timing is no so precise as stated in the warning message
- GUI: Need correctly display ACK/Distance when AirMax and PtPNoACK mode is enabled
- CCR: Report AirMax priority and AMQ/AMC in Station detail

---> Limitation from HW: MCS13 does not work with WEP/WPA/WPA2/WPA-TKIP/WPA2-TKIP security -- MCS 13 removed from WEB UI

AirOS V5.1 Released ล่าสุด 07/01/2010

AirOS V5.1.3635.100107.1730

สำหรับ Product

* Bullet M
* Rocket M
* NanoStation M
* AirGrid M
* NanoBridge M

================================================== ==================
Version 5.1 - Final Release (January 07, 2010)


- แก้ Bug เพียบเลยครับ
- ปรับปรุง Throughput ให้ดีขึ้น
- เพิ่ม Security WEP (มีซักที เวลา Set จะได้ใช้เวลา Set เป็น Mode WDS)

- Throughput improvement for AirMax in PtP environment
- Throughput Improvement for AirMax in 2.4 GHz 40 MHz channel width ----> จะได้ Throughput ที่ดีขึ้นสำหรับย่าน G เพราะจากที่เคย Test ย่าน 2.4 เลือก Channel Width เป็น 40Mhz เครื่อง Notebook ผมมองไม่เห็นสัญญาณ เดี่ยวต้อง Test
- Fixed lower throughput issue when using AirMax No ACK mode for PTP in 40 MHz channel width
- Fixed ping latency issue when AirMax is enabled
- Improvements in wireless stability

- New: Show station ACK value in Station list under Monitor section
- New: Added ip_conntrack_sip support

- Fixed UI issue with signal reporting
- Fixed missing channels in Channel scan list (20/40 Mhz auto)
- GUI: Show only 50% as a max AMC value for 1x1 chain devices
- Fixed DNS proxy and DHCP server configuration issue
- Fixed issue in site survey: cannot select AP when scanning in 5/10 MHz channel width mode
- Fixed issue in admin password: cannot login with admin password when symbols ($, \ or ') are used

Version 5.1-RC3 (December 21, 2009)
- New: Auto rates with MAX value setting
- New: AirMax No ACK feature for Point-to-Point links
- MAJOR: Fixed WPA/WPA2 clients connection stability
- MAJOR: Wireless link stability fix when AirMax is OFF
- MAJOR: Memory allocation issue on AP with more than 60 clients -------> ดีมากครับ จะมีการจัดสรร Memory ให้ดียิ่งขึ้น
- MAJOR: Performance improvements in 2.4 GHz
- Auto ACK improvements
- Administrator password limit is 8 symbols
- Allow to increase Logout session timeout
- 5 MHz channel width is back in 2.4GHz mode
- GUI: AirMax made as separate section under Advanced setting menu

- Fixed GUI issue in AP Mode, Connections shows 0 when more then 45 clients are actually connected
- Fixed MAC expiration issue in Bridge-WDS
- Fixed passing VLAN tagged packets with V5.1-'a
- Fixed CCQ value when no data
- Show B/G/N mixed instead of Ng, A/N mixed instead of Na
- Fixed Signal Level reporting in UI (RSSI chain mismatch)
- Fixed Data rates selection and reporting
- Fixed download backup configuration file or Support info file issue if using IE browser

Version 5.1-'a (November 20, 2009)
- New: 802.11 a/b/g products support ----> Support Wirless G แล้วครับ
- New: WEP and WPA/WPA2 TKIP security support ----> มี WEP ให้ใช้ซักที
- New: Advanced Ethernet settings ----> ยังไม่ได้ลองครับ ว่า Advanced ยังไง
- New: Web server change
- New: AirMax 4 level MAC address based priority ----> น่าจะเป็นเรื่อง Priority แบ่งตาม MAC Address
- New: AirMax automatic Voice packet recognition and TXQ assignment
- New: AirMax No Ack (PtP Mode only). Can be enabled only in the config file for the AP by setting radio.1.pollingnoack=1
- New: auto ACK implementation
- Added Arpnat support for more than one IP address per single bridged MAC address
- Updated PPPoE version
- Ethernet driver update
- Added hardware watchdog timer

- Fixed stability issue on link when Airmax is disabled
- Fixed PPPoE Stability in 40 MHz channel width (PPPoE session disconnects due to the no response to 5 echo-requests)
- Fixed WPA/WPA2 client connection issue to AP
- Removed US country code DFS frequencies: 5500-5700 GHz
- Separated L2 isolation and multicast traffic
- Fixed issues in PPPoE daemon when compression enabled
- Fixed switch off for Extra reporting (MT discovery protocol)
- Fixed incorrect CDP packet check sum
- No more FTP speed limits per session when AirMax enabled
- Fixed Compliance test country frequency range for 20/40 MHz channel width
- Fixed SNMP OID numbers persistence (SNMP daemon enumerates all interfaces on startup and assigns sequential numbers now)

- Fixed Web UI lock
- Fixed read-only user account
- Improved signal strength value in 40 MHz channel width
- Fixed signal strength per chain handling when station disconnects from AP
- Fixed data rates reporting for 10Mhz channel width for 802.11 a/b/g clients
- Improved Noise Floor reporting
- Improvement in data rate reporting when traffic is inactive
- Added Device Name in Station and AP statistics table
- Fixed ARP table entry reporting if it contains unresolved MAC address