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  • Update Firmware Ubiquiti 802.11abg Station Products (มีอะไรใหม่ๆบ้าง)
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Update Firmware เป็น V3.5 สำหรับ Product ดังนี้ครับ

 * PowerStation2
 * LiteStation
 * NanoStation2
 * NanoStation5
 * MiniStation
 * WispStation
 * NanoStation Loco2
 * NanoStation Loco5
 * PicoStation
 * Bullet 2HP

ส่วนใหญ่จะเป็นการแก้ Bug ครับ

Version 3.5 (10/01/2009)
- increased reset to defaults timings (prevents from accidental reset to defaults). ---> เพิ่มระยะเวลา Reset
- fixed: WEB UI lock. ---> ผมเคยเจอครับ บางทีหน้าจอ Config มันค้างไปเฉยๆ
- improved: Traffic shaping.

Version 3.5-rc (09/11/2009)
- fixed: PPPoE client locks up.
- fixed: PPPoE client can't authenticate if in username symbol # is used.
- fixed: Traffic shaping is not working. Can't add shaping rules.
- fixed: VLAN QoS to WMM mapping.
- fixed: Traffic shaper is expected to honor packet priority.
- fixed: WEP entry field validation error message on Web UI.
- fixed: problem with AP channel when in some circumstances(after reboot/softrestart) it might get different from config value
- improvement: STA-Bridge multiple IP and VLAN per MAC.
- improvement: Set pppoe maxfail to 0 by default.
- added: Ethernet port MTU value can be set manually up to 1692 bytes (Long packet support (>1500bytes)).
- added: 152bit (128bit key + 24bit IV) WEP support in Web UI and config.  ----> เพิ่ม Security WEB เป็น 152Bit

Version 3.4 (05/21/2009)
- minor GUI fixes: DNS, Rate Selection, MAC ACL count increased to 32 entries.  ----> เพิ่ม Mac Access Control List ได้ถึง 32 MAC
- fixed problem with Optimistic algorithm when max rate was not highest available.
- improved AP-WDS connectivity and stability. ---> เพิ่มความเสถียรใน Mode Access Point WDS ครับ
- improved WPA connectivity and stability.

Version 3.4-rc (05/04/2009)
- fixed memory leak on scan.
- fixed problem with random freezing when Noise Immunity enabled.  
- fixed firewall Web UI problem with NOT checkbox modifiers.

Version 3.4'a (04/14/2009)
- improved signal LED's responsiveness.
- fixed CDP packets every second problem with NTP enabled.
- improved cfg reliability.
- fixed crash on AP with WPA when stations probing before full startup.
   * above two should resolve reset to defaults problem which was happening
     after applying configuration changes when configuring AP with WPA.
- fixed fragmentation + QoS tx freezing and freezing on high load.
- fixed ANI/Noise Immunity. It is realy working now even for AP mode.  
- fixed Align Antenna is now working with Opera also.

Version 3.3.3 (03/16/2009 Product Names update)
- updated Bullet5-HP product name on Web UI according to board subtype.
Version 3.3.3 (03/13/2009 XS2 FW Fix only)
- updated PS2-17D product name on Web UI according to board subtype.
- fixed PS2/PS2-18V/PS2-17D/PS2-EXT WAN LED behavior.

Version 3.3.2 (02/14/2009)
- updated antennas(names, gains) for LocoStation 2/5
- updated product names on Web UI according to board subtypes.

Version 3.3.1 (01/28/2009)
- updated country names on Web UI according ISO 3166
- fixed auto AP-WDS rare uninitialized rates problem.
- fixed AID leak on auto AP-WDS timeout.
- fixed crash on dynamic WDS timeout.
- fixed led blink on every 15s on Auto WDS.
- fixed Ack timeout calculations for 10/5MHz modes.
- fixed fast frame, bursting, compression support for 2.4GHz products.
- fixed superA/G operation issue in AP-WDS to AP-WDS mode.
- optimized Dynamic Ack for different Wireless modes and bandwidth.
- added Support information generation through Web UI.

Version 3.3-rc (01/9/2009 New Year release)
- fixed traffic shaping burst related issue.
- fixed WPA/WPA2 EAP reconfiguration to WPA/WPA2 PSK issue.
- fixed incorrect WPA information element reporting.
- added logo for BulletStations.